Amazing Tricks To Read Chords Diagram.

When you are going to learn “Guitar”, the first important step is to read a Chords Diagram. You can easily learn the guitar after reading the chord diagram. That’s why in this article, I am sharing some basic tricks to learn guitar chords.

Strings Name And Numbers

To learn guitar, firstly you need to memorize guitar strings and their names. There are a total of six-strings in acoustic guitar. Number them from bottom to top. So, the bottom-most string is the 1st string and the top-most string is the 6th string.

strings number and string names for chord diagram

As you can see the strings in above figure, first one is ‘E’ String, 2nd one is ‘B’ String, 3rd one is ‘G’ String, 4th one is ‘D’ String, 5th is ‘A’ and 6th string is again ‘E’ String. If you are getting confused then don’t worry remember the following sentence.

“Every Beautiful Girl Deserve An Eye.”

E = Every

B = Beautiful

G = Girl

D = Deserve

A = An

E= Eye

With the help of above sentence you can easily remember string names.

Guitar Fret Number For Chord Diagram

The second most important thing to learn Chord Diagram is a fretboard. It is a part of the neck of your guitar. The fretboard is also known as the fingerboard of a guitar, where all the metal frets are placed.

Fretboard and fret number for chord diagram

Fretboard start after the nut of guitar, the numbering of your frets are shown in the figure. We press the string down on different frets or different parts of the fretboard to play notes and chords.

Finger Names And Number for chord diagram

After learning about guitar strings and fretboards you need to know about one of the most important things that are your finger. Your finger is the most important part of your guitar journey because you need to hold every chord every note with your left hand’s finger. Therefore you need to know about your finger names and number because, it helps you when you learn guitar chords.

 guitar theory: finger names and number for chord diagram

This figure helps you to understand the name and numbers of your finger. In guitar theory your First Finger is known as the “First Finger”, your Middle Finger is known as “Second Finger”, your Ring Finger is known as the “Third Finger” and your Pinky Finger is known as the “Fourth Finger”. So use your finger as per its number.

For example:-

Eminor chords finger position

If you play Eminor chord, then you need to press 4th and 5th string means ‘D’ & ‘A’ strings at second fret’

In this article we learned about how to remember strings names, frets number and finger names and number. If you remember finger name and strings name and number then you can easily learn any chord. I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you want to add some points to ease the learning of Chord Diagram, then please comment below.

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